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Mission Statement


Our mission is to farm, craft and share remarkable coconut products that create a natural demand for sustainable farming, better business practices and community impact.

With a name like Harmless Harvest, we’ve got a lot to live up to.  Candidly, our sustainability efforts are a work in progress, but we’re committed to growing our standards and pushing the limits on what it means to be a good-for-you-and-the-planet food brand.


When our founders set out to start this brand, they didn’t have coconuts on the brain. They had something bigger in mind – constructive capitalism. These two entrepreneurs were looking for an industry they could disrupt and rewrite with a business model that would prove conscious capitalism doesn’t just work, it can be wildly successful.

That mission led them to coconuts: an industry with a profound social and ecological impact – not to mention, a healthy and delicious end-product that was ripe for the bettering.