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Our Impact


We annually study the sources of our greenhouse gas emissions and have found that our biggest emitters are: 1.) coconut farming and 2.) coconut waste. These two sources alone make up more than 75% of our total brand emissions.

Surprised? So were we! Before these studies, our teamed guessed a much larger percentage
contribution from areas like transportation and packaging.

Learning about where our emissions come from has informed our sustainability roadmap for
2030 and beyond.


on our path to Net Zero (as soon as possible)

  • Reach carbon neutrality by 2030
  • Achieve and maintain 100% Nam Hom coconuts sourced from farms that utilize regenerative organic practices as our business & volumes grow
  • Achieve circularity on farms inclusive of zero coconut waste from factory to landfill
  • Evolve packaging materials to meet best in class climate standards (including
    reusable, recyclable or compostable)
  • 100% renewable energy in owned operations


to ensure we're doing right by our people!

  • Impact lives and livelihoods in the local Thai communities in which we operate and increase investments annually in proportion with sales growth
  • Support organizations in the Oakland, California area to bring education and awareness
    of better farming practices while supporting local food deserts
  • Match (close the gap to) our workforce diversity to that of the communities in which
    we operate by continuing to reduce unconscious bias in hiring decisions while growing our talent pipeline of diverse candidates