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Announcing: Harmless Harvest Holiday Smoothies!

Harmless Harvest Holiday Coconut Smoothies

The holiday season has jingled back to life, as have the familiar tunes of Mariah, and we’re gearing up for our most festive season *ever*.

For the first time, Harmless Harvest, known for our hydrating pink coconut water, is rolling out the holiday drinks of your twinkly dreams. Say ‘happy holidays!’ to Harmless Harvest Chocolate Peppermint Coconut Smoothie and Harmless Harvest Coconut Eggnog! Both delectable holiday smoothies are totally organic, with no sugar added, and vegan!

Harmless Harvest Coconut Eggnog

Cheery, plant-based Chocolate Peppermint Smoothie and spicy plant-based Coconut Eggnog Smoothie are also Fair For Life certified, meaning we go the extra mile to care for both our people and planet. Plus, each sip comes in a 100% rPET bottle (minus the label and cap) – yay!

Ho, ho, hello first to the nostalgic, spiced drink you crave once the air turns chilly: Harmless Harvest Coconut Eggnog, aka Coco Nog – because it’s totally eggless, vegan, and plant-based. While our parents might’ve sipped on spiked eggnog made with egg whites and heavy cream, our organic Harmless Harvest vegan eggnog is the perfect drink way to get into the holiday spirit, without the gut-punch. Speaking of punch, our delicious coconut eggnog can totally be a less-heavy eggnog cocktail. Just mix in your favorite liquor to have an eggnog alcohol drink – but you are responsible for the holiday playlist, carolers and mistle toe!

If you’d rather keep it PG (we’re not judging!), our vegan coconut eggnog drink is quite hydrating with natural electrolytes from Nam Hom Thai coconut water. It’s also got coconut meat mixed in, making it perfect for a mid-morning snack, mid-afternoon snack or one of the most fabulous coconut desserts for some hungry elves. Bye, bye figgy pudding and fruitcake! It’s a spicy, naturally sweet (no sugar added!) and familiarly festive drink to sip during any moment during the holiday season, from holiday shopping to fireside chatting, to holiday Christmas partying. Eggnog coconut bottom’s up – just don’t fall asleep in the chimney!

Harmless Harvest Chocolate Peppermint Coconut Smoothie

Now… who doesn’t love ordering a chocolate peppermint drink from your favorite cafe as soon as the cup design turns wintery and seasonal? If you dream it up to be organic, with no sugar added, and vegan… you’ll taste the recognizable festivity in our Harmless Harvest Chocolate Peppermint Smoothie. It’s the plant-based, holiday drink of your Santa Claus dreams. The smoothie ingredient list is top tier: coconut water, coconut meat, dutched cocoa powder and peppermint. Did we mention there’s no sugar added? Enjoy this everyday coconut water smoothie as a cheery satiating mid-morning snack or mid-afternoon snack for hydrating natural electrolytes and a hefty dose of holiday cheer. It can also be arguably one of the best guiltless coconut desserts with the taste of peppermint (like a candy cane!) and dreamy rich chocolate. Or, if it’s after hours and time to deck the halls (and you’re 21+), mix in your favorite booze for even more cheer in your holiday drink. 

Have a holly, jolly holiday season! We’ll meet you in the smoothie aisle of your local Whole Foods.