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Organic Coconut Water

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About Harmless Harvest

Welcome to the Harmless Harvest website, where you can shop all of your favorite coconut water sips and snacks! Not to brag, but we certainly sell some of the best organic coconut water around, and you can find it all right here. Let’s take a tour through all the ways you can savor these delicious flavors.

We’ll start with our OG: coconut water drinks. Whether you choose the classic pure coconut water version beloved by many, or one of our flavored coconut waters (watermelon, mango, and pink lady apple), you are guaranteed a delicious organic coconut water with no sugar added. So it doesn’t just taste good, you can feel good knowing the planet was kept in mind when creating each sip. Can’t pick just one flavored coconut water? Not a problem! Just order a case of coconut water to mix and match all the tastes you love (or just want to try). Your case of non-gmo coconut water will arrive ready to be placed right in your refrigerator for optimal sipping. And if you are ever curious about why our naturally pink coconut water turns a pretty pastel color, you can find out for yourself here on our blog. But to sum it up quickly: not only is it safe to drink Harmless Harvest pink coconut water, it is actually a quick visual way to know that your no-sugar-added coconut water has hydration and pretty-in-pink color provided by Mother Nature herself.

Like a little crunch to go along with your pink coconut water? Then you’ll want to choose our coconut water with pulp. With this tasty sip, you will have delectable bits of hand-scooped coconut meat at the bottom of your recycled plastic bottle (you read that right, we use sustainable packaging too!) So go ahead, shake it up and enjoy all those coconut water electrolytes along with a little extra snack on the side. Because when you get bonus coconut water nutrition on top of all that coconut water hydration, we call that a win-win.

If you are looking for something a bit more rich and thick, try our organic coconut water smoothies, where we blend our sustainable coconut water together with the upcycled coconut meat from young Nam Hom coconuts harvested sustainably and ethically in Thailand, until it becomes creamy perfection. We even have plenty of coconut water smoothie recipes over on our blog. Try all the crave-able coconutty flavors like chocolate, mango, the new radiant greens and, of course, our classic organic coconut smoothie.

If you are seeking the ultimate breakfast, lunch, or anytime nutritious snack, check out our unsweetened coconut yogurt. Ever wonder: is there a dairy-free yogurt alternative that’s good for me but also tastes good? Asked and answered! This non-dairy coconut based yogurt is sure to become a staple in your fridge. Plus, we have several non-dairy yogurt recipes on our blog. From desserts to savory everyday dishes, take a quick peek and you will see how this dairy-free yogurt is so much more than meets the eye. But of course, you know we had to mix up our non-dairy coconut yogurt with some of our favorite flavors! In addition to classic unsweetened, check out our cups of vanilla, strawberry, blueberry and mango yogurt alternatives.

Can’t choose between our organic coconut water drinks and our non-dairy yogurt? Our dairy-free yogurt drinks are a great option for you! We offer both an unsweetened version and one flavored with naturally sweet strawberries. Each bottle carries a few billion live active cultures, meaning these non-dairy probiotic drinks can help support your gut health. Just when you thought the power of our organic coconut products could not get any better, we add in the power of probiotics.

So go ahead, browse our entire Harmless Harvest online shop. As you can see, there is plenty to pick from!