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Harmless Harvest Online Store

Welcome to the Harmless Harvest online shop, your destination for all your favorite pink coconut water beverages and smoothies! We take pride in offering some of the finest organic coconut water products available, all conveniently accessible online. Join us as we explore the delightful ways to savor these delicious sips. Let's begin with our signature coconut water drinks. Whether you opt for the timeless pure coconut water, cherished by many, or one of our enticing flavored coconut waters like juicy watermelon, tangy mango, and tart pink lady apple, you're in for a treat with our no sugar added coconut water. Beyond its great taste, rest assured that environmental sustainability is top of mind in every sip. We think it’s the best coconut water out there. Can't decide on just one flavor? No worries! You can simply order a mixed case of coconut water to sample all your favorite tastes, and it'll arrive ready to chill in your refrigerator. If you've ever wondered why our naturally pink coconut water takes on such a lovely hue, you can discover the answer in detail on our blog. Many wonder, ‘why is coconut water pink?’ or ‘is it safe to drink pink coconut water?’ In a nutshell, the rosy color signifies that your coconut water has never been thermally pasteurized, or acidified (via added ingredients, like ascorbic acid) ... instead, we microfilter. When the coconut water is bottled, it is clear, but exposure to the elements (such as light) cause the naturally occurring electrolytes to turn pink over time. Craving a little bite in your coconut water electrolytes? Opt for our coconut water with pulp, featuring delightful bits of hand-scooped coconut meat settled at the bottom of our eco-friendly, recycled plastic bottles. Yes, you read that right – we're committed to sustainable packaging too! Shake it up and relish the coconut water's electrolytes along with an extra snack on the side. When you enjoy bonus coconut bits with your sustainable coconut water, it’s a win-win. For those seeking a richer, thicker option, indulge in our organic coconut smoothie. We blend our coconut water with upcycled coconut meat from harvested young Nam Hom coconuts in Thailand until it achieves creamy perfection. It’s coconut water hydration and a dreamy texture from coconut meat with MCTs. You'll find a treasure trove of coconut water smoothie recipes on our blog, like Piña Colada Sorbet and Mango Coconut Daiquiri. Feel free to peruse our entire range at the Harmless Harvest online shop. As you can see, there's a plethora of options waiting for you to explore!