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Organic Coconut Water

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  • The one who started it all. Our pride and joy: Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water.

    Mid-hike on a sweltering summer day, cooling down after hot yoga, lounging in the park with friends, or even just a swig from the nightstand in the middle of the night, nothing quenches thirst quite like our Original Coconut Water. It’s naturally sweet, crisp, and refreshing but also will satisfy and hydrate whenever you need to soak in all the benefits coconut water has to offer. What benefits are we talking about? Well for starters, it’s hydrating, and with naturally occurring electrolytes it’s a good source of phosphorus and potassium.

  • It all began with our love of coconut water and the belief that it never tastes better than when it’s pure, fresh, and straight from the source. But as you can imagine, lugging around a fresh coconut every day isn’t exactly convenient. (Have you ever tried to crack one open in a locker room?) And when you have a head-pounding hangover, the last thing you want is to bang on a coconut to release that sweet electrolyte-replenishing elixir.

    That’s why we made it our mission to bring delicious Fair Trade, and certified organic coconut water directly to you in our highly portable bottles. It’s easy to grab the morning after a wild night when you’re in desperate need of a refresh. It’s a daily smoothie secret weapon. A totally tossable gym bag addition for pre or post-workout hydration, or even to sip in between sets!

    After many years of refining (our process-never the product) we perfected our method to bottle this organic coconutty goodness. And now, as part of our commitment to doing less harm, more good, we are thrilled to say our bottles are made from100% rPET (excluding the cap and label).

    To achieve peak deliciousness, we start with uniquely fragrant and tasty, organic, young Nam Hom coconuts grown in Thailand. With no extra ingredients, our 100% coconut water is the closest you can come to drinking straight from a coconut! (No mallet necessary.) We keep our bottling process as simple as possible to provide you with maximum benefits and exceptional taste.

    Can we also talk about how CUTE our pink coconut water is? In addition to a clean, crisp taste, another signature of our organic coconut water is the color! Our coconut water is totally clear when we bottle it, and afterward some bottles turn pink due to varying levels of antioxidants and interaction with elements such as light. Because we don’t use thermal pasteurization to process or acidify our coconut water (by adding ingredients like ascorbic acid), it tends to turn a pink hue over time. Instead of hiding this element by adding Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), we choose to embrace it! It’s totally natural, and we think- adorable. And if your bottles arrive clear, don’t worry- they'll still have that same great taste you’re familiar with.

    With so many benefits and unmatched taste, we are positive that no matter how or where you choose to enjoy our Original Organic Coconut Water, you’ll crave it just as much as we do.
  • -Hydrating
    -Naturally occurring electrolytes
    -Good source of potassium
    -Never thermally pasteurized, we micro-filter instead
    -Certified Organic & Fair for Life
  • Organic Coconut Water*
    *100% of total ingredients are Fair Trade Certified
  • Orders are processed Monday-Thursdays, and most process for shipment within 24 hours of order confirmation. We will notify you with a tracking number when your order has been shipped, and most orders arrive within 48-72 hours of shipment.

    We’ve spent years perfecting our unique processes to keep our coconut water and smoothie beverages tasting distinctly crisp and fragrant. This means they can be non-refrigerated during the shipping process, but should be popped in the fridge upon receipt to ensure quality and taste, until ready to consume by the date printed on the bottle.

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