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Organic Coconut Smoothie

Organic coconut water and coconut meat blended to perfection with delicious tropical tastes.
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About Harmless Harvest Organic Smoothies

Just when you thought our Harmless Harvest organic coconut water couldn’t get any better, we blend it up with the tender meat from young Nan Hom coconuts and turn it into a deliciously refreshing vegan smoothie drink. Our smoothies with coconut water offer the tasty flavors fans know, but with a creamy texture you’re going to love. With all the health benefits of coconut water in every sip, these organic coconut smoothies are a great way to start your day, pick yourself up in the afternoon, or recover from a workout too! Just give the recycled plastic bottle a shake and your non-gmo coconut water smoothie is ready to be enjoyed.

But what kind of coconut water brand would we be if we offered just one version of these plant based drinks? That’s why at Harmless Harvest, we offer several coconut smoothies to choose from! Each one offers a unique and tasty sipping experience, so apologies if it’s hard to pick your all-time favorite flavor! Thankfully, there is an easy way to try them all. Purchase a case of coconut water smoothies and then go in store to find fun flavors like chocolate, mango and radiant greens. Our subscription service makes it easy to stay stocked with the original organic coconut smoothies all the time. Delivered straight to your door, you will never have to worry about running out when you need your Harmless Harvest plant based drinks the most!

Now let’s jump back into those tasty flavored coconut smoothies we mentioned. The first of our smoothies using coconut water is the classic and original flavor. This double coconut duo has only two ingredients: no-sugar added coconut water and delectable coconut meat. If you like to keep things sweet and simple, this is the one you start with. Next on the list, we have our chocolate coconut smoothie. And really, need we say more? This sustainable coconut water smoothie has the coconut water hydration needed to be your new best buddy at the gym, and the naturally sweet taste to be a light dessert any time of day (or night!) If you are searching for something more on that tangy and tropical side, you will definitely want to try our mango organic coconut smoothie. One sip and you’ll feel as if you’re island side, it’s truly a beach vacation in a recycled plastic bottle. Looking to combine your fruits and veggies into one tasty treat of an organic smoothie? Check out our radiant greens flavor, where mango, pineapple, and non-gmo coconut water (of course) pairs perfectly with lush greens.

Did you know that these vegan smoothies have all the coconut water benefits you’d expect from our full range Harmless Harvest organic coconut products? It’s true! For example, coconut water rehydration is real and, in our opinion, a must-have that everyone should have stocked up in their refrigerator. Whether it’s for workouts or the next morning after a fun night out, coconut water smoothies can help replenish your electrolytes back to major refreshment. You can even use our vegan coconut water smoothies in your daily recipes. Whether it’s for yourself or to please a whole house party, our Coconut Daiquiri uses our organic mango coconut smoothie to make a signature summer cocktail you’ll be returning to again and again. And for the holiday season, hunker down with some Vegan Eggnog, courtesy of our original flavor organic coconut smoothie. You can find these recipes and plenty more over at our blog.

But you don’t need to just take our word for it! Guess who else is a huge fan of the Harmless Harvest sustainable coconut smoothies? Model and mom Ashley Graham and her 2 small sons! And you know that when a toddler approves of the taste, you’re onto something extra delicious. Check out her thoughts on our non-gmo coconut water smoothies here.