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Sweet But Not Too Sweet: Ashley Graham Gets It!

With three small kids (including twins!) and a fast-paced full-time career, model and mom Ashley Graham knows that life gets a little bit easier when she can find the right balance. It’s why she strives to keep things with her boys sweet, but not too sweet… A sentiment that we can certainly get behind here at Harmless Harvest

That’s why we could think of no better partnership than us plus Ashley Graham--here to remind you that when life is starting to feel a bit overwhelming, cut yourself some slack, and just aim for that sweet spot right in the middle. 

The Sipping Sweet Spot

 So what exactly does it mean to be sweet, but not too sweet? It actually has a double meaning. Let’s start with the first one. When it comes to Harmless Harvest’s organic coconut smoothies, it’s all about the unbeatable taste: a rich creaminess with subtle sweetness that’s easy to enjoy from that first sip to the bottom of the (recycled plastic) bottle. Not too much, not too little, always just right. 

But we all know that when it comes to flavor, small kids are always the toughest critics to impress. So we’re beyond honored that our smoothies pass the taste test for Ashley’s three little ones: Isaac, Malachi, and Roman. In fact, as Graham recently told PEOPLE, she’s thrilled that her kiddos have yet to become bored of them: We go on a full rotation, and it feels like a new smoothie every time. Isaac's favorite is the coconut smoothie with the chocolate as a strong second, which surprised me.

Want to try Isaac’s no-added-sugar smoothie selects for yourself? Grab our classic coconut smoothie or read up on the decadent chocolate coconut smoothie (available only in stores) here. Both are packed with organic goodness and great (toddler-approved) flavor! We also have Mango Smoothies as well as our new Radiant Greens Smoothie.

The Balancing Act of Parenting

Ashley Graham and fam loving our organic coconut smoothies is just part one of this partnership. Raising kids is a constant series of finding those “sweet, but not too sweet” moments. And while Ashley agrees that, yes, we should strive to find balance right in the middle--nobody is perfect! Inviting her Instagram audience to share their “way too sweet” and “not nearly sweet enough” parenting slip ups in a safe, judgment-free setting was a great opportunity to remind each other that at the end of the day, we’re all human just doing the best we can. 

During her same interview with PEOPLE, Ashley shared:

As a parent, you're living your life, you're negotiating, you're trying to figure out how to keep your kid not just alive, but happy and thriving. And sometimes, parenting as a whole is a sweet but not too sweet situation...The moments come and go, they're fleeting. So seeing moments from fans, I was impressed because it's like, 'Oh I do that. It's not just me. Thank God, I'm not destroying my child.


After plenty of fans commented with less-than-perfect (but totally relatable) parenting moments of their own, Graham picked a few of her faves to call out in a second Instagram post. Plus, these lucky chosen few were sent some tasty Harmless Harvest smoothies to enjoy. As if getting your comment read by Ashley Graham wasn’t awesome enough! 

When all is said and done, Ashley sums up her experience with parenting in a quote to Women’s Health:

You have to get pretty creative on how you're gonna get them to [do] bedtime, bath time, eating the right foods and putting on their shoes on the right feet…I think parenting as a whole is about being sweet but not too sweet.

We second that statement! And as a strong supporter of #realmamamoments, we could not have been more thrilled to partner with someone who believes in keeping it real as much as we do.

Now It’s Your Turn

Ready to see what all the smoothie excitement is about? Whether you’re trying Ashley’s son Isaac’s favorite classic coconut smoothie and chocolate smoothie, or our delightfully tangy mango or the new radiant greens smoothies, you really can not go wrong. Because each flavor has the following: 

  • A rich and creamy sipping experience (yum!) 
  • Naturally occurring electrolytes in every drop 
  • Natural hydration good for any time of day 
  • No sugar or dairy added (ever!)
  • Certified Organic & Fair for Life
  • No prep work or clean up required

Get that sweet-but-not-too-sweet organic coconut smoothie sensation for yourself by clicking below. 


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