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Organic Coconut Water

Naturally sweet, crisp, and refreshing with all the hydration benefits of organic coconut water.
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Organic Coconut Water

About Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water

Looking for a naturally delicious, organic coconut water with no sugar added? One that always quenches your thirst just right and provides a delicious way to hydrate? Good news: you are in the perfect place! Because Harmless Harvest creates some of the very best coconut water around (just ask our fans!) You will find that this pure coconut water goodness will have you reaching for one of our recycled plastic bottles again and again. And you can buy all our organic coconut water online, right here!

But let’s learn a little more about what makes this organic coconut water so special, and why you will definitely want some in your fridge--stat! Did you know that coconut water is a good source of electrolytes? It’s true! And our hydrating Harmless Harvest non-GMO coconut water is a great way to help replenish electrolytes that we lose throughout the day. And unlike what you get with over-processed sports drinks, this no-sugar-added coconut water means you can get natural hydration straight from Mother Nature, minus any of those artificial preservatives, additives, and dyes.

Speaking of colors, you might notice that our coconut water is often a pink color. So why is coconut water pink? Because our organic coconut water is never thermally pasteurized or acidified (by adding ingredients like ascorbic acid), varying levels of natural antioxidants react with the elements (like light) and can cause it to turn that coconut water pink color over time. But rest assured, whether clear or pink, all our sustainable coconut water has the same crisp and delicious flavor you know and love. Want to learn more? We wrote a whole blog post explaining all the benefits of organic coconut water, which you can find and read right here.

Those naturally occurring coconut water electrolytes, like potassium, are a great option for the day after a long night of fun (we’ve been there!) as well. Rather than regular old water, our organic coconut water with electrolytes can help ease the morning after. Coconut water rehydration is a tasty way to feel like you’re a human again. The benefits of drinking organic coconut water don’t stop there either! Wondering what coconut water is good for? It can be so much more than just a delicious drink on its own. You can use these tasty sips in plenty of recipes for mixed beverages and full-on meals as well. Our Rainbow Sunset Mocktail uses one cup of our original Harmless Harvest organic coconut water along with delicious guava, lime juice, and organic juice to make a flavor sensation you’ll be whipping up at all your future gatherings. And for a Fresh Summer Gazpacho, add a cup of original flavor Harmless Harvest organic coconut water with tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, and other veggies to make a warm-weather must-have dish.

But wait, there’s even more! Did you know that we have several flavored versions of our pink coconut water to enjoy? If you are not sure which one is right for you (or just want to have more than one of these delicious plant-based drinks in your fridge), try a mix and match case of coconut water. Each has the same coconut water nutrition as our classic flavored original, but with a hint of something extra to love. Try Harmless Harvest flavored organic coconut water like watermelon, mango, and pink lady apple. And if you want a sip with a snack mixed in? Try our organic coconut water with pulp, which provides all the health benefits of our traditional sustainable coconut water, but with some added sustainable coconut meat mixed in.

So, try a recycled plastic bottle of our sustainable coconut water today. Whether it’s a breakfast beverage to kick-start your morning, an afternoon pick-me-up, a post-workout recovery drink, an after-party sip, or a healthy late-night chug… Your options for when to enjoy Harmless Harvest organic coconut water are endless.