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Coconut Water Pink: Why Does Coconut Water Turn Pink? | Harmless Harvest

Why Does Coconut Water Turn Pink?

Is there anything better than a pink drink? Only when the color was made naturally by Mother Nature herself! The first time you pour a glass of certified-organic Harmless Harvest coconut water, you might not be expecting a subtle or vibrant rosy shade. Wondering why coconut water is pink? Let’s break it down. By the time we’re done, you just might have a new favorite color.

But it’s not magic (and it’s certainly nothing we add in!) it’s just the natural process. Because our 100% coconut water is never thermally pasteurized or acidified (by adding ingredients like ascorbic acid), varying levels of natural antioxidants react with the elements (like light) and can cause it to turn pink over time. But rest assured, whether clear or pink, all of our organic coconut water has the same crisp and delicious flavor you know and love.

why does coconut water turn pink?

How Does Coconut Water Turn Pink?

harmless harvest coconuts

Our pink coconut water goes through a bit of a transformation act. The water from young Nam Hom coconuts, harvested by our Fair for Life certified partners in Thailand, actually starts out clear when the coconuts are cracked open. But then, naturally the coconut water begins to turn the most beautiful shades of pink.

Coconut Water Benefits

Now that you know why your drink is pink, maybe you’re wondering about the perks. While we can’t speak for other brands, at Harmless Harvest, all our pink coconut water provides hydrating, electrolyte-replenishing benefits—whether pink or clear. And, as a bonus, think of the pink shade as your way of knowing at a glance that your coconut water has retained the most delicious taste possible, since we never thermally pasteurize or acidify our coconut water.

But that’s not all (not even close!) In addition, our coconut water has these five amazing qualities:

Organic All the Way

The farms we partner with in Thailand to grow and harvest delicious Nam Hom coconuts are all organic certified. That means that they refuse to use prohibited pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or sewage sludge (ew!). We certainly wouldn’t want any of that in our bodies, and we know you don’t either.

No Added Sugar

The crave-able flavor of our coconut water is totally au naturel. Take a sip, and the only thing you’ll taste is that delicious coconut flavor: naturally sweet, a little savory, and amazingly refreshing all on its own.

Only One Ingredient (Ever!)

We’ll save you the trouble of checking out our ingredients list, because it’s a party of one: just organic coconut water with no added sugar or other weird stuff. We use a proprietary multi-step, micro-filtration process to harness that amazing flavor and retain nutrients. With no extra ingredients, it’s the closest you can come to drinking straight from the coconut (no mallet necessary!).

Natural Electrolytes

Replenish electrolytes to hydrate naturally with a good source of potassium and phosphorus. It’s the unparalleled hydration you’re looking for, without the sugar of a sports drink or electrolyte packet.

Fair for Life

Our partners in Thailand are part of our Harmless Harvest team. That’s why we are dedicated to our Fair for Life certification, wherein we promise to set aside funds and resources to support the local community in Thailand where we farm our coconuts. We activate on the ground in Thailand with aid that can range from mobile health check-ups to school sports equipment and beyond.

The Best Times to Drink Pink Coconut Water

Let’s be honest, there’s truly no wrong answer here—sip whenever you see fit! But here are a few times when that electro-lit goodness really hits the spot.

harmless harvest workout

Boost Your Workouts

See you never, sports drinks! Because when you can replenish your electrolytes by hydrating with a single-ingredient sip (rather than something with added sugars, dyes, and other stuff our bodies don’t vibe with) why would you choose anything else? Whether it’s before your sweat session or when you’re just home from the gym, coconut water is a refreshingly healthy choice!

harmless harvest beach

Post-Party Elixir

Party too hardy last night? Oof… We’ve been there. But fear not, when the morning after scaries have you in a headlock, it’s Harmless Harvest organic coconut water to the rescue! Get out of bed feeling refreshed from hydrating electrolytes and tip-top refreshment. Sip it in bed, we won’t judge. (Harmless Hot Tip: sip before bed after a long night for a sunnier morning.)

harmless harvest bike

On-The-Go Goodness

Got a busy schedule on the docket? For that hectic workday, an afternoon of back-to-back errands, chasing your kids for hours upon hours (surely they’ll nap soon?), or a myriad of other hectic moments—organic coconut water is a no-fuss, no-frills way to give your body what it craves. Delicious hydration while you handle your to-do list? Check and double check.

Your New Favorite Ingredient

Did you know that Harmless Harvest coconut water is a fantastic way to boost the flavor of both sweet and savory recipes? From our (100% rPET) bottles to your kitchen, you’ll find that the subtly sweet taste adds a great hit of flavor for soups, drinks, desserts, and more. And as a bonus, pink coconut water can give your dishes a fun hue, too!

While experimenting is always encouraged, here are a few of our favorite recipes to get you going:

harmless harvest summer gazpacho recipe

Fresh Summer Gazpacho Recipe

The delightfully refreshing warm-weather soup is a staple for bbqs and entertaining friends and fam. You’ll find that the coconut water adds just a touch of mellow sweetness, which helps balance out the acidity of the tomatoes.

Strawberry Watermelon Coconut Pops Recipe

Beat the heat with something coconutty and sweet! Pink coconut water could never be more pretty than in these juicy, refreshing treats. Chunks of strawberry and the slightly savory flavor of coconut make one dynamic duo!

harmless harvest coconut water spiked punch cocktail recipe

Spiked Punch Coconut Water Cocktail Recipe

When it comes to parties, the shareable punch bowl is where it’s at. Lemon and lime balance perfectly with coconut water. Take your pick of vodka or gin (or neither if you prefer—this drink tastes great alcohol-free as well). And if you have some pink coconut water, lucky you! This drink will look every bit as good as it tastes.

Ready for Some Pink Power?

Now that you know the scoop on our Harmless Harvest pink coconut water, try it for yourself! Shop now.

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