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2022 Mission Recap: Regenerative Farming and Beyond

It’s 2023, can you believe it? Reflecting on an eventful 2022, it was an awesome year for Harmless Harvest. Furthering our mission efforts was a top priority, and we went big in our Fair for Life efforts and aggressively promoted regenerative farming (see our Regenerative Farming Video). We also unified our organization with the US team traveling to meet their colleagues and friends in Thailand to learn about the supply chain of our products (from coconut farming to bottling) and visit our regenerative agriculture farms (check out some highlights on our TikTok). We’re so excited to be paving the way to do less harm and more good for years to come.

As a company, we make every effort to ensure our products are responsibly made. This means we consider our impact, directly and indirectly, on our planet and societies in Thailand, the US, and other countries where we sell our products.

In 2022, we were able to…

1. Improve the livelihood of over 20,000 people from our farming communities (from children to elderly) through our Fair for Life Premium Fund activities. We brought back the mobile health check program to the community and introduced education camps to the younger kids which provided them with hands-on experiences and lots of fun.
2. Continue our non-biased hiring process and measured the gender balance and generation diversity of our staffs.
3. Successfully switch our coconut water bottles to 100% rPET (what is rPET? rPET plastic is made from recycled materials, rather than virgin plastic) and are exploring environmentally friendly materials for other product packaging. We also started looking into environmentally friendly label and cap materials to accompany our rPET bottles. We're always looking for better packaging, and are exploring solutions (maybe paper!) for our plastic yogurt cups.
4. Set our direction to focus our emissions reduction effort through regenerative farming and coconut waste management. We are also working on improving the accuracy of emissions calculation at the same time.
5. Allow our Thailand team to work diligently with our farmers to start transforming the farms and distributing the starter kits such as cover crop seedlings and stingless beehives while making compost with our suppliers.
6. Gradually reduce the amount of coconut waste from our operation to landfill and eventually achieve zero coconut waste to landfill in December! Yet, we still have to work on developing sustainable coconut waste management options that could also circulate the resource within our supply chain.

Considering our progress in 2022, industry context and our impact status, we’ve penned some ambitious 2025 mission goals to our efforts in the areas of people, product and planet.


1. Impact lives and livelihoods in the local communities in which we operate and increase our investment annually in line with sales growth.
2. Match our workforce diversity to that of the communities in which we operate by continuing to reduce unconscious bias in hiring decisions and grow our talent pipelines of diverse candidates.


1. 100% of bottles from PCR (and fully recyclable). All other packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable.
2. Get our coconut waste to ZERO.


1. 50% of coconuts sourced from farms meeting regenerative organic standards.
2. 50% reduction and offset in our GHG emissions.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more updates on our mission progress. To learn more about our mission, check out our 2021 mission report.

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