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New Look, Same Goodness! Our Coconut Yogurt Alternative gets a packaging refresh.

The best feeling of a new year is getting a clean slate upon which you can paint yourself anew. You can join a gym, cut out your vices and even rebrand your whole look. Our Dairy-Free Yogurt is no exception. New look, same goodness! Our Coconut Yogurt Alternative has had a total packaging refresh and can’t wait to make its grand debut on shelf.

We believe the best coconut yogurt, Harmless Harvest dairy-free yogurt alternative, must stand out against all the other yogurts on shelf. While we were big fans of our original packaging, we found the one thing missing from the colors, icons and messaging was an ode to our mission. Our motto is less harm, more good, and we weren’t properly showcasing the ways in which we try and live out this goal. Our yogurt alternative product, the best dairy free yogurt, is a major pillar in our goal towards a Zero Waste, in which we try and use all parts of the young Nam Hom coconut. It was our first product to upcycle the coconut meat from the same coconuts we extract our water. 

Another key pillar of our mission towards less harm, more good, is our Regenerative Agriculture Project (ReCAP) which seeks to develop and implement a regenerative agriculture model for coconuts in Thailand. This effort will move us beyond the standards of organic farming and into a model where farmers achieve better personal and planetary outcomes by adopting and transitioning to regenerative agriculture practices. Such regenerative practices on our farms include intercropping, pollination on-site, cover cropping and more. The visuals of these vital practices inspired our new vegan yogurt packaging: specifically, the relationship between the crops and bees.

Rather than have illustrations to communicate flavor, like strawberries, vanilla beans and so on, we have embraced a beautiful illustration of one of our regenerative farms with bees helping to pollinate it. This design fully envelopes each cup. To better help you easily find your favorite flavor on the shelf, we have gone with bold color cues.

Further, we have also created a universal lid that more closely marries our original coconut water family with the best vegan yogurt, our Harmless Harvest dairy-free yogurt alternative. Beneath the lid, you will be able to learn more about our mission efforts, bringing you into the fold on all we are doing to live up to our mission.

Strawberry, Vanilla, and Mango are the flavors of our coconut yogurt alternative, and we also have an Unsweetened Coconut Yogurt with no sugar added.

 Be sure to take a pic and share on social media if you find it on shelf!

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