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Unsweetened Coconut Water for the Win | Harmless Harvest

If your goal is to live a healthy lifestyle, you probably try to skip the sugary drinks. After all, nothing ruins all those workout gains and clean eating like rehydrating with something not-so-nourishing to the body. Or maybe you just want some no sugar added sips in your fridge, for wholesome and delicious mid-day hydration.
Whatever your reasons may be, our unsweetened coconut water is always a great choice! With a naturally sweet and refreshing taste, you never have to sacrifice delicious flavor to meet your nutritional needs!

Unsweetened & Can’t Be Beaten 

Our organic coconut water is always 100% free of added sugars, and it all starts by keeping things natural from day one. Here at Harmless Harvest, carefully sourcing and processing young coconuts are the first steps in making our delicious drinks. Our coconut farmers follow sustainable practices, avoiding prohibited pesticides and synthetic fertilizers pesticides and fertilizers. Plus, we only use organically grown coconuts from Nam Hom trees, harvesting them when they are young and delightfully sweet.

Then, the coconuts are quickly transported to our Thailand factories for processing for optimal deliciousness. In fact, our unique processing approach makes it feel like you’re drinking straight from the coconut itself! Because rather than thermally pasteurize, we micro-filtrate the coconut water…

This multi-step filtration keeps the original, fragrant and naturally sweet coconut flavor while ensuring the safety and integrity of the final product. Because of this, our unsweetened coconut water can turn a pretty pinkish color when natural antioxidants interact with elements, such as light. And unlike other brands that hide this naturally occurring pink hue by pasteurization or acidifying with added ingredients like ascorbic acid, we fully embrace it!

Is Unsweetened Coconut Water Healthy?

Our coconut water is tasty for sure, but it’s also totally dairy-free, without GMOs, and is low in fat too. Though our coconut water has 14g of sugar... all sugar is all naturally occurring from the coconut water itself. That makes it the clear winner when paired up against sports drinks and juices, with real or artificial sugar added that leave an unwanted, overly sweet taste and an inevitable crash (no thanks!) 

Not only do we avoid added sugar, we avoid additives altogether. And because we add nothing to our coconut water, it retains its delicious, straight-off-the-tree taste, so every sip is a pure tropical indulgence you can feel good about enjoying! 

Harmless Harvest Coconut Water Beach

When to Sip Unsweetened Coconut Water

As always, there’s really no wrong answer here! Unsweetened coconut water is a versatile and delicious bev you can enjoy any time, day or night. Whether you're looking for a refreshing pick-me-up or an after-workout sip, unsweetened Harmless Harvest coconut water is always a perfect choice. But there are some scenarios where its natural qualities really shine…

First, it’s the ultimate pre- and post-exercise elixir. Unlike sugary sports drinks, our organic coconut water is a great way to hydrate! After a workout, you might feel the need for a pick me up. But what's the best way to recharge? Swap the artificial, multi-ingredient sports drinks for unsweetened, single ingredient coconut water instead! 

Soft drinks and energy drinks are often full of artificial sugars. But organic coconut water contains naturally occurring electrolytes like potassium, for refreshing hydration. These electrolytes assist in recharging post-exercise while providing other health benefits too. And if you like to snack throughout the day (who doesn’t?), you can pick up a bottle of our unsweetened coconut water for hydration and refreshment. Plus, it's a delicious alternative to sugary drinks like soda. In the morning, start your day with a glass of Harmless Harvest zero-sugar-added coconut water. It's a great way to hydrate and swap out sodas and juice drinks with lots of un-pronounceable ingredients.

For those looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, try a glass of unsweetened coconut water instead of reaching for a sugary energy drink or another cup of coffee.

While Harmless Harvest organic coconut water is delicious all on its own, there are so many creative ways you can use it in recipes too! Like this for example, or as a great base for smoothies, or even as a replacement for water and sugar in baking recipes. It's also a great addition to cocktails and mocktails. Blend it with your fave fruit juices for a tropical twist. Another way to enjoy our no-sugar-added coconut water is to use it as a marinade for meat or fish. And in rice recipes, you can use it for extra depth. Its mild coconutty flavor also pairs perfectly with other ingredients for an inspiring salad dressing—you’ll find that it adds a light, refreshing flavor.

Is Harmless Harvest Environmentally Friendly? 

Harmless Harvest’s mission is to share amazing coconut products that also promote sustainable farming, better business practices, and community impact. We believe that the drinks, eats, and everything we create should do less harm and more good for you and the environment. That's why our unsweetened coconut water is not only delicious, but also ethically and sustainably sourced.

What sets us apart is our commitment to doing less harm and more good. Our coconut waters is organic & Fair for Life Certified, meaning we adhere to rigorous standards beyond just organic certification. Our commitment to Fair Trade translates into tangible benefits for the Thai communities where we farm and bottle our coconut water. We've donated over $1 million since 2015 to over 63,000 beneficiaries, providing water filtration systems, new school uniforms, and mobile medical clinics for health screenings and check-ups.

We're also committed to positively impacting the environment through initiatives like 100% recycled plastic coconut water bottles, regenerative agriculture practices, and our goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 50% by 2025. By choosing Harmless Harvest zero-sugar-added coconut water, you're making a healthy choice for yourself, and supporting a company that prioritizes sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Harmless Harvest 32oz Coconut Water

Shop Our Unsweetened Coconut Water

Ready to try our unsweetened coconut water for yourself? Great choice! After all, it’s a delicious treat that’s also got loads of benefits. It's Certified Organic and made from one ingredient, organic coconut water. It has no added sugar or artificial flavors. And, on top of the crispy nutty flavor, it revitalizes you by replenishing your electrolytes!

So where can you find our unsweetened coconut water? If you prefer to shop online, you can easily order Harmless Harvest's unsweetened coconut water from Instacart, Walmart, Shipt, and FreshDirect for home delivery. Or buy from our Harmless Harvest online store. We offer plenty of options, including cases, multipacks, and even a subscription service so you can always have your favorite coconut water on hand.

If you prefer to shop in-store, Harmless Harvest's unsweetened coconut water can be found at many retailers nationwide. Some popular ones that carry our products include Whole Foods, Target, Safeway, Albertsons, Publix, Kroger, Meijer, Wegmans, Gelson's, and Sprouts. Also, you can visit select convenience stores like Chevron ExtraMile and Plaid Pantry to restock your 100% coconut water. Use the Harmless Harvest store locator tool to find a retailer near you.

Whether you choose to order online or shop in-store, make sure to try Harmless Harvest's unsweetened coconut water products. By choosing Harmless Harvest, you're supporting a mission-focused brand committed to organic products, better business practices, and community impact.

Frequently Answered Questions 

Does your unsweetened coconut water have any artificial sweeteners?

No, our 100% coconut water does not contain any artificial sweeteners. We only use one ingredients—organic coconut water from Nam Hom coconuts. This plant-based drink is organic and free from artificial sweeteners and flavors.

Does unsweetened coconut water taste good?

Absolutely! Our unsweetened coconut water has a refreshing and naturally sweet taste. It is made from organic Nam Hom coconuts, harvested at the peak of their sweetness to deliver a perfect coconutty flavor. Thanks to our proprietary process that maintains the original taste and flavor, you will enjoy the mild, slightly sweet, and nutty taste.


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