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Harmless Harvest Expands Organic Coconut Water Portfolio

Harmless Harvest Expands Portfolio to Coconut Water Flavors

Best-selling coconut water now available in three new refreshing flavors.

San Francisco, CA – April 21, 2020 – Harmless Harvest, maker of delicious organic coconut-based products including coconut water, coconutbased beverages and dairy-free coconut yogurt alternatives, today announced the expansion of their iconic organic coconut water line to include three new flavored coconut waters, made with a hint of organic juices and herbal teas. These three new products, Watermelon, Cucumber Mint and Strawberry Rose, add a splash of flavor to the original best-selling coconut water, for a hydrating drink anytime. 

“Our goal in creating new flavors was to enhance and not mask the taste of our delicious original coconut water,” said Jake QianAssociate Director, Innovation at Harmless Harvest. “Coconut water fans now have more variety to choose from, without compromising the integrity of Harmless Harvest’s product standards or ingredients.” 

Just like Harmless Harvest’s original coconut water, the new flavored coconut waters start with the same water from organic young Thai coconuts, and then are run through a proprietary filtration process (without any thermal pasteurization), resulting in a subtly sweet flavor. This organic Fair for Life certified coconut water is then mixed with just a touch of organic juices, herbal teas, or a combination of the two to create a refreshing beverage, without any added sugar. Perfect for on-the-go hydration with naturally-occurring electrolytes, flavored coconut water is a great beverage choice, particularly as the weather warms up.  

The organic flavored coconut water beverages are available in three 12 oz varieties:  

  • Watermelon: Delicious blend of watermelon juice and coconut water 
  • Cucumber Mint: Subtle combination of mint tea and cucumber juice 
  • Strawberry Rose: Splash of strawberry juice and rose tea 

Now available at Whole Foods Market, the 12 oz drinks have a suggested retail price of $3.99/bottle. To learn more about Harmless Harvest Coconut Watervisit 

About Harmless Harvest
Harmless Harvest makes delicious organic coconut-based products including coconut water, coconut snack drinks and coconut alternative yogurts. The brand was the first to launch a non-thermally pasteurized coconut water in the US, as well as the first coconut water to be Fair for Life certified. Harmless Harvest is committed to rigorous and independent standards for fair trade and social progress within its supply chain. It operates on an ecosystem-based approach, considering its impact from seed to shelf. True to its name, Harmless Harvest is an ever-evolving brand with the ultimate goal of doing minimal harm while making remarkable products.