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10 Amazing (and Thoughtful) Expectant Mom Gift Ideas

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Is there a better feeling than finding that perfect, oh-so-special gift for an expectant mom? Picture the sparkle in her eyes and the wide grin across her face when she unwraps a present that's just spot-on. From the snug hug of stylish maternity wear to the dreamy comfort of a pregnancy pillow, each gift is like a secret handshake. Not all of us get to be moms, but we all know what it’s like to give a great present.

Pregnancy is not just about growing a tiny human, it's a roller coaster of cravings, kicks, and those never-ending trips to the bathroom. So, why not sprinkle a little extra fun and laughter along the way with gifts that are as playful as they are thoughtful?

Whether you just want to pick up something special for an expectant mom, or you need some ideas for putting together an expecting mom gift basket, get ready to knock the socks off these amazing moms-to-be with the gift suggestions listed below!

Gift 1: Comfortable Maternity Wear

Speaking of socks, you can never go wrong with comfortable footwear. Wool socks are a nice, reliable, long-lasting gift that your new mom will appreciate for many years to come. We should add a bit of a disclaimer: buying clothes for an expectant mother is not something to be taken lightly. On top of all the changes happening to her body, she’s probably having a lot of complicated feelings. As long as you’re comfortable, and you’re pretty sure she’ll be comfortable, too, then go right ahead.

With that out of the way, your pregnant friend gets to luxuriate in soft, stretchy fabrics that hug in all the right places, giving snuggly support where she needs it most. Add to that leggings that feel like a second skin, dresses that flow gracefully over curves, and tops that make nursing a breeze post-birth. These clothes can be her trusty companions on the pregnancy journey, making sure she looks as good as she feels (and better than she feels, for when she doesn’t feel so great).

Whether it's a casual brunch or a fancy baby shower, the right maternity outfit can make any expectant mom feel like a superstar. So why settle for anything less? Let's embrace those beautiful baby bumps with maternity wear that's as stylish as it is snuggly. Remember, when you're comfortable, you shine – and isn't that what being an expectant mom is all about?

And if you don’t really know where to shop, we are big fans of Hatch and A Pea in the Pod

Gift 2: Pregnancy Pillow

Sleep during pregnancy is like trying to get comfortable on a bumpy road with a watermelon strapped to your belly. Enter the pregnancy pillow, a true game-changer for those restless nights. Think of it as a fluffy cloud that contours to every curve and cradle, offering sweet relief to tired backs, aching hips, and those elusive sleep positions.

These pillows come in various shapes like C, U, or even J, providing support exactly where it's needed. Whether it's nestled between the knees, propping up the belly, or supporting the back, these pillows ensure a good night's sleep, which is like striking gold in the world of pregnancy.

So, let's give the gift of dreamy, uninterrupted slumber with a pregnancy pillow. It's not just a cushy comfort, it's a nightly rendezvous with the Sandman, making sure our expectant moms wake up feeling like they've been sleeping on clouds.

Our favorite is the “Wiggle Pillow” from Buffy, a squishy, flexible pregnancy pillow.

Gift 3: Prenatal Yoga Classes

For the pregnant mom who's bending over backward (quite literally) to stay fit and centered, prenatal yoga classes are the perfect gift. It's about keeping limber, sure, but also carving out a serene space for both mom and baby in a world that’s spinning a bit faster these days.

Prenatal yoga isn’t just exercise, it can be a sanctuary where moms-to-be can connect with their babies, find community, and learn to ride the waves of pregnancy with grace and strength. These classes focus on breathing techniques and gentle stretching, helping to ease those pregnancy aches and pains while preparing the body for the big day.

It can be an online session that fits into her busy schedule or a local class that becomes her weekly retreat. So, let's roll out the yoga mat for our amazing expectant moms and watch them glow with wellness and peace.

Gift 4: Relaxing Bath Essentials

Next on our list is the ultimate pampering experience for expectant moms: relaxing bath essentials. Imagine a serene oasis where stress and strain simply melt away, replaced by tranquility and comfort. A warm bath, enhanced with the right essentials from Necessaire or Saje, can be a soothing sanctuary.

For instance, you could get her some luxurious bath salts that dissolve into the water, releasing minerals and aromas that soothe both body and mind. Add in some gentle, natural bath oils that nourish the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. Don't forget the bubble bath for that playful touch of whimsy!

Forget the harsh soaps and detergents that can strip her skin of its natural moisture. A gentle, soothing body wash is a must-have for pregnant moms who are prone to dry, itchy skin. Look for a product that's free of sulfates and harsh chemicals, and that's formulated with natural ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter. This will help to cleanse and hydrate her skin without leaving it feeling dry and irritated.

A good body wash can make a big difference in the comfort and well-being of an expectant mom. It's a simple way to show her that you care and that you're thinking of her during this special time in her life.

Bath gifts are a gentle reminder for moms-to-be to take a moment for themselves, to relax and rejuvenate. It's about creating a space where they can unwind, reflect, and simply be. So, let’s fill their world with the scents and sensations of relaxation, making every bath an experience to cherish.

Gift 5: Informative Pregnancy Books

Informative pregnancy books are a treasure trove for pregnant women who love to read. These books are guides through the maze of pregnancy, offering advice, comfort, and a hearty dose of reality about the journey ahead.

There are books that chart the baby's development week by week, guides on how to stay healthy and fit, and even humorous takes on the rollercoaster that is pregnancy. She can learn about everything from managing morning sickness to decoding those mystifying baby kicks. There are lots of great guides to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with the classic What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

Gift her a book that becomes her nightly ritual, her go-to for reassurance in those early hours when the world is asleep but she’s wide awake with a million questions. Empower her with knowledge, making her feel more connected to the little life she's nurturing.

Gift 6: Soothing Music Playlist

Music has the magical ability to soothe, uplift, and transport us to different worlds. For an expectant mom, a carefully curated playlist of soothing music can be a source of immense joy and relaxation. This gift is about melodies and harmonies, and creating a serene and comforting ambiance for both mom and baby.

The power of music to reduce stress and promote a positive mood is well-documented, making this gift both thoughtful and beneficial. It’s like a musical hug, wrapping the mom-to-be in a blanket of tranquility. And even better, it doesn’t have to cost a thing–if you and she are already using music streaming services like Spotify, you can just send the playlist along for free. Everybody wins!

PS - just in case you do want to pair a playlist with something as part of a gift set, theme the playlist for calm music for sleeping and pair it with a sleep mask or a Restore 2 from Hatch.

Gift 7: Healthy Snack Subscription Box

You don’t have to be a mom to know about the wild cravings. That's where a healthy snack subscription box comes into play, offering a mix of tasty and nutritious treats delivered right to her doorstep. This could be a monthly surprise of wholesome goodness, carefully selected to satisfy those pregnancy cravings while nourishing both mom and baby. Daily Harvest is a great resource for healthy, organic fruits and veggies.

There’s a huge variety of possibilities, from crunchy nuts and seeds packed with essential nutrients to deliciously dried fruits, wholesome granola bars, and even some indulgent yet healthy sweets. Each subscription is an exploration of flavors and textures, providing a convenient and exciting way to snack healthily. Is ice cream healthy? If it is, Jeni’s is as good as it gets, and you can get your favorite mom-to-be a subscription to the Pint Club.

This gift offers the perfect blend of convenience and variety, ensuring the expectant mom has a stash of nutrient-rich snacks at her fingertips. It's a thoughtful way to support her through her pregnancy journey, keeping both her energy and spirits high. So, let's bring a smile to her face and some tasty nutrition to her day with a gift that's as practical as it is delightful.

Gift 8: Journal or Pregnancy Diary

Journaling is a great habit for anybody to begin, but especially during big life changes like pregnancy. A journal or pregnancy diary is a canvas for memories, thoughts, and dreams. This gift offers a personal space for the mom-to-be to document her experiences, feelings, and the myriad of changes both within and around her.

Each entry becomes a cherished memory, a snapshot of this unique time. This is exactly the kind of heirloom that the mom and her kids will be thankful to have in the years to come.

This gift is a gentle invitation to reflect, to pause and embrace the journey of creating life. A journal can give her the gift of reflection and memory, a keepsake that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Gift 9: Foot Massager

As the pregnancy progresses, it brings with it the joys of anticipation, yes, and the undeniable reality of tired, swollen feet. A foot massager is a ticket to blissful relief and relaxation. This thoughtful gift is a way to say, “Put your feet up and relax a little.”

You can’t give the gift of an on-demand masseur to come over and rub her feet whenever she wants, but this is almost as good for soothing aching soles and arches. These gadgets have settings that can be adjusted for intensity and duration, so she gets a completely customizable pampering experience.

The beauty of this gift lies in its ability to provide relief at any time of the day, transforming any room into a miniature spa (sort of).

Gift 10: Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water

harmless harvest coconut water pregnancy

For expectant moms, staying hydrated is a vital part of daily wellness, but let's spice up the routine with something naturally sweet, crisp, and refreshing. Coconut Water is a delightful escape from the ordinary.

What makes our coconut water stand out? It’s hydrating and a good source of phosphorus and potassium. Think of it as nature’s way of providing a delicious, rejuvenating break in the day.

With every bottle of Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water, expectant moms can savor a treat that’s equally delicious as it is hydrating. She can soak in all the thirst-quenching benefits coconut water offers without compromising on taste. So here's to a delightful, hydrating experience that’s a perfect addition to the pregnancy journey.

Celebrating a New Mom with Thoughtful Gestures

When giving gifts, we always hear “it’s the thought that counts.” While that’s true, giving a truly great present is really what you want. From the cozy embrace of maternity wear to the refreshing sips of Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water, each gift is a small but significant way to celebrate the miracle of new life.

Pregnancy is a time of wonder, transformation, and sometimes, a need for a little extra care and comfort. Each gift is a way to say, "We're with you, every step of the way." Here's to making the journey of pregnancy a little more comfortable, a bit easier, and maybe a little more joyful, too.

Key Takeaways

  • Thoughtful Selection: Each gift in our list has been carefully chosen for its practicality and the joy and comfort it can bring an expectant mom. The focus is on making her journey through pregnancy a bit more delightful and a lot more memorable.

  • Comfort and Care: From comfortable maternity wear to the soothing embrace of a pregnancy pillow, each item is designed to provide comfort and ease during this transformative time. It's about making her feel cherished and supported in every aspect.

  • Health and Wellness: With options like prenatal yoga classes and Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water, the emphasis is on maintaining health and wellness. These gifts are not just enjoyable but also beneficial for her overall well-being.

  • Personalization and Connection: Gifts like the pregnancy diary and the soothing music playlist offer a personal touch, allowing the expectant mom to connect with her experiences and emotions during pregnancy in a unique and meaningful way.

  • Pampering and Relaxation: Items like the relaxing bath essentials and the foot massager are all about pampering the mom-to-be, giving her those much-needed moments of relaxation and tranquility.

  • Celebrating Motherhood: Each gift is a celebration of the new life she is nurturing and a testament to her strength and grace as she embarks on motherhood.


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