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Introducing: The Sips Sampler!

Say hello to the Harmless Harvest Sips Sampler!

Ever wanted to try a new Harmless Harvest product but just couldn’t commit to 12 whole bottles from our online shop? We got you!

For a limited time, you can sip all of our favs - all in a convenient four pack:

Organic Coconut Water

Ah – the tried and true. Is there anything better than Harmless Harvest one ingredient coconut water? We don’t think so. We’ve got you on hydration and electrolyte replenishment, whether you’re couch-ing it and nursing hangover, or recovering from an action-packed triathlon. Plus, the deliciousness is unmatched.

Organic Coconut Water with Hint of Watermelon

Also known as summer’s bestie. We twisted our coconut water with organic watermelon juice to provide the perfect solution to summer dehydration. Freeze it into a pop, use it as a cocktail base, or sip it on ice to survive the heat and enjoy the naturally sweet.

Organic Coconut Smoothie

Where do we begin? Just coconut water + coconut meat, this smoothie is a coconut lover’s dream. Enjoy this smoothie as a treat, or a satiating snack between meals. It’ll keep you full, fueled and satisfied.

Organic Chocolate Coconut Smoothie

Our go-to dessert these days. It tastes like a melted fudge pop and will satisfying any (we mean any) chocolate craving. Available for the first time on our site, this just sweet enough chocolate smoothie will quickly become one of your favs.

Plus, have you heard? ALL of these coconut beverages are now packaged in 100% rPET plastic bottles, striving towards our mission of doing less harm, more good. You can read more about our packaging evolution here:

Not only is this $16 four pack a wonderful way to sip your way through coconut heaven, it’s the perfect push to get ya to free shipping (orders $60+) when you purchase with a case of your go-tos. Order soon – this sample pack won’t last long!

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