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Build Your Bunch - A New Way to Customize Your Favorite Coconut Sips

Introducing: Build Your Bunch!

Build Your Bunch - Customize Your Favorite Bottled Coconut Water

Give a warm welcome to our *new* customizable packages! For the first time we are allowing you to Build Your Bunch and try new Harmless Harvest coconut products without having to commit to a 12 pack of just one beverage.

How does it work?

Well, you now have the ability to select two 6-packs of your favorite Harmless Harvest beverages to make one 12 bottle case of coconut goodness.

That could mean a 6-pack of coconut water and a 6-pack of smoothie, or a 6-pack of watermelon coconut water and 6-pack of coconut water. Whatever floats your boat –the combination is up to you!

What products are available to create your bunch?

Original Coconut Water
It’s your favorite for a reason. Is there anything better than Harmless Harvest one ingredient coconut water? We don’t think so. We love supplyinh you with top tier hydration and electrolyte replenishment, whether you’re getting a sweat in, recovering from a night out, or just looking for a happy sip. Deliciousness, unmatched.
Watermelon Flavored Coconut Water
It's also known as the sip of the summer. We twisted our coconut water with organic watermelon juice to provide the perfect solution for hot weather and long days. Use it as a watermelon margarita base, pop it in an island-inspired smoothie, or sip it on ice to survive the heat and enjoy the naturally sweet.
Coconut Smoothie
One ingredient, serious coconutty dream. Just coconut water + coconut meat, this smoothie will transport you to a tropical beach. Enjoy this smoothie as a treat, or a satiating snack between meals. It’ll keep you full, fueled and satisfied...but that’s just for now. ;)

Soon you’ll have access to even. more. combinations.

Think, the sweet, tangy and tart sips of Pink Lady Apple Coconut Water, the coconut water with a bite: Coconut Water with Pulp, and some items you’ve never seen before!

Plus, have you heard? ALL of these coconut beverages are now packaged in 100% rPET plastic bottles, striving towards our mission of doing less harm, more good. You can read more about our packaging evolution here:

It’s the perfect way to sample that new new WITHOUT having to buy a whole 12-pack case of just one bev. Happy sipping!

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