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We're Shaking Things Up! Introducing Sparkling Harmless Harvest Coconut Water

We’ve added delightful bubbles to your favorite coconut bev, and it’s every bit as fizzy as it is refreshing. Introducing: Harmless Harvest Sparkling Coconut Water!

man laying on the grass in purple shirt holding harmless harvest sparkling coconut water bottle

Harmless Harvest Sparkling Coconut Water

Naturally sweet (but not too sweet) straight from the coconut, Harmless Harvest organic sparkling coconut water has the taste you know and love, but with a fun and invigorating twist of carbonation. It’s hydrating, electrolyte replenishing, and has no added sugar. You’ll find that every micro-filtered sip is as fun as it gets—with coconut goodness and just the right amount of sparkle 

The 411 on Sparkling Coconut water

Is sparkling coconut water good for you? Because surely something this tasty can't be so simple. We’re oh-so happy to prove you wrong because our sparkling coconut water is packed with goodness to the very last drop—no added sugar needed. First of all, it’s a rehydrating drink that’s perfect for any time of day or night. There’s certainly nothing like a cold electrolyte-replenishing elixir stocked up in your fridge after a fun night out (light carbonation for the win!). Plus, from sunny weekend strolls to an evening mocktail mix-in, our sparkling coconut water has a truly versatile vibe.   

Thoughtfully Crafted

Made using young Nam Hom coconuts from Thailand (beloved for their fragrant and just-sweet-enough taste), our Harmless Harvest coconuts are Regenerative Organic Certified® Bronze, meaning the coconuts that go into each bottle of sparkling coconut water were grown without the use of prohibited pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and that almost 3/4 of the farms we work with have implemented at least two regenerative practices. And because we never thermally pasteurize or acidify our sparkling coconut water, you can rest easy knowing we take care every step of the way.

To top it off, our Fair For Life certification means that we set aside money and resources to support the community in Thailand with every coconut purchased to create our delicious sparkling coconut water. So much goodness goes into every (recycled plastic) bottle!   

Why is Sparkling Coconut Water pink?

Is there anything prettier than pink bubbles? Good news: with Harmless Harvest sparkling coconut water, that’s exactly what you get! But that pink color is certainly nothing we added, it’s all naturally occurring. Our sparkling coconut water is totally clear when bottled. But afterwards, some bottles turn a pretty pastel hue due to the coconut antioxidants reacting to elements such as light. Want to know more? We wrote a whole blog post about it!  

harmless harvest watermelon sparkling coconut water being held in hand

Target Exclusive Harmless Harvest

We’ve got something juicy to share! & It's only at Target. Our organic sparkling coconut water with watermelon has the familiar tantalizing taste combination, now with added bubbles. Summery watermelon juice plus naturally sweet (but not too sweet) coconut water mix together for a refreshing flavor that can’t be beat. It’s hydrating, electrolyte replenishing, and has no added sugar. You’ll find that every micro-filtered sip is as refreshing as it gets—with nothing but delicious watermelon + coconut + the perfect amount of sparkle + a splash of water to balance out the flavors.

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