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Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative

To ensure our plant-based yogurt alternative tastes anything but “alternative,” we start with hand-scooped organic coconut meat.
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About Harmless Harvest Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative

Lately, have you been asking yourself: Is there a dairy-free yogurt that’s perfect for me? One that’s made responsibly with sustainable coconut meat, and tastes every bit as good as it is good for me? Asked and answered, with our fan favorite dairy-free yogurt alternative! Just one taste of our Harmless Harvest coconut yogurt, made with hand scooped organic coconut meat, and we predict it will quickly become a weekly mainstay in your refrigerator.

Whether you’re vegan, lactose intolerant, or just prefer the taste of yogurt made with organic coconut versus traditional dairy yogurts, you are going to absolutely love our delectable yogurt alternatives! And, as is our usual style, you know we had to offer a whole variety of non-dairy yogurt flavor options to choose from! Let’s run through each one of these dreamy, creamy treats. The first is our tried and true: unsweetened plain coconut yogurt. This tangy taste simply can’t be beat. It’s also a great ingredient in plenty of everyday recipes, and acts as a great dupe for when traditional dairy yogurt is called for. Try it out in our Fluffy Dairy Free and Gluten Free Pancake recipe, which you can find right here. Or use our unsweetened coconut yogurt in warm-weather delights like our Harmless Harvest Pineapple Coconut Whip (you’ll definitely want to save the recipe card for this one!) Make sure you check our blog often, because we’re always adding new delicious ways to use our non-dairy coconut yogurt! Our unsweetened plain coconut yogurt option conveniently comes as both a 4.4 oz cup and larger sized 24 oz tub as well, so you can pick the size that’s right for you!

Now let’s move on to the naturally flavored versions of our dairy-free plant-based yogurt alternatives. Like our unsweetened plain coconut yogurt option, our perfectly-speckled vanilla dairy-free yogurt alternative is also available as both a 4.4 oz cup and a larger sized 24 oz tub. Great for savoring on its own or adding as a topping to pancakes, fruits, and more, this must have has amazing taste. Next up is our mango dairy-free yogurt alternative, where we puree delectable young coconut meat with organic mango for a tangy twist that is not to be missed. We also have our strawberry dairy-free yogurt alternative. Great for adding to morning smoothies or just eating on its own, this one is definitely a fan favorite. And last but certainly not least is our blueberry dairy-free yogurt alternative. With organic blueberries, it’s a nutritious snack you can truly feel great about enjoying. Each of our non-dairy coconut yogurt options is cultured with 7 live and active yogurt strains and is soy free in addition to having no dairy. That makes all our Harmless Harvest coconut yogurts a great option for those who are sensitive to dairy or gluten.

And just when you thought things couldn't possibly get any better, you learn that all our dairy-free coconut yogurt are Upcycled Certified! What does that mean exactly? The quick definition of upcycling is: using surplus food to create new products, and by doing so, preventing food from being wasted. When it comes to our coconut-based yogurt, we take the remaining meat from young Nam Hom coconuts (after making our famous pink organic coconut water) and turn it into our tasty non-dairy yogurt alternative and coconut water smoothies.