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Flavored Organic Coconut Water

Organic tropical tastes combined with your favorite pink coconut water.
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About Flavored Coconut Water

When the refreshing taste of our Harmless Harvest organic coconut water is mixed with a subtle tropic flavor, it really doesn’t get much better than this! And you’re in the perfect place to bring home these delicious sips for yourself, with our collection of flavored coconut water options. Each of these tasty blends are made using coconut water with no sugar added, so you can rest easy knowing that each one is naturally sweet and delicious. Our Harmless Harvest coconut water flavors include watermelon, mango, and Pink Lady® apple. Made with that beautiful coconut water pink color fans know and love, you’ll find that each flavor option offers a unique taste you’ll definitely want to try! Our watermelon flavored coconut water is the perfect match up of two naturally sweet sensations living in perfect harmony. One sip from the recycled plastic bottle, and we think you will fall in love fast with this bright, juicy splash of watermelon. With our mango flavored coconut water, you can shake things up for a sweet and tangy sensation that is definitely not to be missed. And finally, we have our most unique option: the pink lady apple flavored coconut water. This underrated taste sensation combines our original organic coconut water with a tart little twist of apple. Not sure which flavored coconut water you should buy (or want to try them all to see which one is your new favorite?) We can make that happen! Because Harmless Harvest offers a mix and match case of coconut water, so you can pick and choose till your heart’s content. So, select two 12 packs now, then try the other flavors next month! If you’re looking for our original organic coconut water (with no flavor added), you can add those in as well. You can even choose some of our organic coconut smoothies too! But no matter which of these plant-based drinks you choose, you might notice something quite interesting… Your hydrating coconut water is a pale shade of pink! Fun for sure, but pink coconut water is more than just pretty looking, it is also a quick way to know at a glance that your flavored coconut water is just the way Mother Nature intended it to be. Because here at Harmless Harvest, we never thermally pasteurize or acidify (adding ingredients like ascorbic acid) our non-gmo coconut water. That means that the varying levels of natural antioxidants in each bottle react with the elements (like light) and can cause it to turn that coconut water pink color over time. But rest assured, whether clear or pink, all our sustainable coconut water has the same crisp and delicious flavor you know and love. If you would like to learn more about why Harmless Harvest coconut water is pink, we wrote a whole blog article about it, which you can read right here. Plus it’s in a recycled plastic bottle, which you can read about here, too. You will find that there is a lot of our no-sugar added coconut water with flavor can do. You already know that it’s a healthy, delicious, naturally electrolyte-replenishing sip for all times of day--breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a late-night snack. Swap out the energy drinks in your workout routine for some flavored coconut water rehydration (or for a delicious rescue after a long night of fun). But did you also know that flavored coconut water is a great ingredient for mixed drinks and meal recipes? If you need some inspiration, check out our strawberry watermelon coconut pops for example: a cool and refreshing organic coconut water treat for those toasty summer days. You can find this and plenty more recipes over on our blog. Make sure to check back often for new ways to use our flavored coconut water in your daily life!