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New Fall Fave: The Chocolate Coconut Pumpkin Martini

It’s sure to please and can be whipped up with ease—our chocolate coconut pumpkin martini is the perfect way to spice up the fall season. Made with rich and creamy Harmless Harvest coconut smoothie, vodka, Irish cream, and pumpkin syrup, it’s a perfect choice for parties or a delicious end-of-day sip all for yourself. Just add a good book, a cozy blanket, and you’re set. 



The Recipe Card: Coconut Chocolate Pumpkin Martinis

With just four ingredients and three simple steps, whipping up a single serving of this sweet and spicy sip is a total breeze.

What You’ll Need:

How to Make It

1. Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake well.
2. Strain mixture into a large martini glass.
3. Top with whipped cream and cinnamon. Enjoy!

Get to Know Our Coconut Smoothies

Featured prominently in this coconut chocolate pumpkin martini recipe, our coconut water smoothies are bestsellers for good reason. To make them, we blend organic coconut water along with tender and delicious coconut meat. The end result? A smooth and rich taste and texture you’re going to love. 

This martini calls for our chocolate coconut smoothie flavor, but there are several others to try: 

Organic Chocolate Smoothie 

You’ll need a few of these for the coconut vodka martini, but trust us, you’ll want a few extra on hand as well. Because with a sweet but not too sweet flavor, this coconut smoothie is a naturally hydrating fix for those chocolate cravings. 

Organic Coconut Smoothie

Our original coconut smoothie is tried and true, featuring nothing but the naturally sweet and crisp flavor of young, organic Nam Hom coconuts. Perfectly simple, what more could one want?  

Organic Radiant Greens Smoothie 

With this unique coconut smoothie flavor, mango, pineapple, and organic coconut water (of course) are blended perfectly with lush greens. So you get the health benefits of the veggies but only taste the natural sweetness of the fruit—score!

Organic Mango Smoothie

Searching for something more on that tangy and tropical side? You’lll definitely want to try our mango organic coconut smoothie. One sip and you’ll feel like you’re island side, it’s truly a beach vacation in a bottle. 

Organic Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

Because let’s face it, we can’t always be sipping a pumpkin martini. Thankfully, we’ve also captured that classic fall magic in a must-try coconut smoothie. With coconut puree plus a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg, it doesn’t get much cozier. 

Organic Strawberry Banana Smoothie

This classic combo blends up perfectly with organic coconut water and organic coconut meat for a triple hit of fruity faves. The nostalgia factor is perfect (and so is the taste). Great for an on-the-go breakfast, or whenever you need a healthy sip. 

And of course, martinis are just the start! Our smoothies with coconut water are a great addition to all sorts of food and drink recipes. When the temperature warms up again, try our piña colada sorbet. And check our blog often, where we add new recipes all the time. 

Where to Shop Our Coconut Smoothies

Ready to stock your fridge with some delicious coconut water smoothies? Shopping in-store is a snap!

Simply use our online Store Locator tool. Enter your zip code, choose “coconut smoothie” under the Browse Products menu, select all the flavors and sizes you’d like, and click the pink “Find Products” button. You’ll then see all the grocery and specialty stores in your area that have the Harmless Harvest organic coconut smoothies you’re looking for. 

Organic Sips, Shipped Straight to You

No time to head to the store? Not a problem! Not only do we offer our original organic coconut smoothie via shipping, but our entire organic coconut water family as well! 

Our organic coconut water has been with us from the very beginning. Made with a refreshing taste and electrolyte-replenishing benefits in every bottle, it even has a pretty pink coconut water color fans love! Try our three unique flavors in addition to our original: watermelon, mango, and pink lady apple.

If you fall in love with any of the coconut goodness we offer above, you can subscribe to save with each purchase and have them shipped to your door as often as you'd like. Looking for bigger quantities for your business? We got that too! Learn more about our wholesale so you never run out of supply. 

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